7 Little Words Answers and Cheats

7 Little Words is a famous iOS, android puzzle game with each level having 7 questions for which we need to find answers. The game is very addictive and has many categories, which we can choose to play based on our interest. Each category has 50 interesting levels. I have been playing this game for quite sometime and got addicted to it. I am also preparing my English majors and this game has been quite educative as I am able to learn a lot of new words and their meanings by solving 7 little wordss levels.

I have created 7 little wordss solver so that I can post the answers for all the levels of 7 little wordss that I have been solving. You can get the answers for free, for almost all levels of 7 little wordss through this blog. I will be solving atleast 3 categories of 7 little wordss in a week and will be posting them here. I hope to solve all the categories that is present in 7 little wordss within few months. If you need answers for any catgory of 7 little wordss, post them in the comments section and I will definitely solve the answers for that category.

If you need help with Definitionado (another addictive puzzle Game) do check Definitionado Solver. If you love 7 little words then try playing 94% which is addictive as 7 little words. You can find 94% answers here.

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  1. Can you do the canyons puzzle with 250 puzzles. I didn’t know much about the game in general when I ordered more puzzles. I think canyons might have been a freebie, but I really can’t remember much about that day. Now I found the menu section which tells easiest, medium, difficult or impossible so I will be more aware next purchase.
    Thank you, Lisa Shinney

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